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How to create safe password?

Design the corresponding password is currently the basis for safe movement on the Internet. Unfortunately, Internet users, then choose simple passwords that exposes them to a serious attack is associated with constantly powielanych, same error.

Leakage of personal data at the present time would be a costly loss of access to Your account Facebook is the smallest problem.Meanwhile, it is enough to remember some really simple rules that will make the string you enter in the field ” password ” enter the unjust pain every once:

  • Use uppercase and lowercase letters
  • Use other symbols available on the keyboard (#$%^&{})
  • Use the program to store and/or generate passwords (there are some really good free programs)
  • Do not use items that you can catch from Your social network profiles
  • Be careful on the forms that you will find in the Internet do not give lightly of their data (including email address)

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