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Best Ways to Protect your PC – #part 1

How effectively can you deal when the information on your PC all was instantly unavailable? Or imagine if your charge card figures were taken online?

Sadly these are ever-present hazards which are. But thereis free application accessible that’ll allow your PC to become securely guarded by you.

Previously, operating anti virus application was enough to keep you protected. But today, you may find atleast three elements you’ll requirement for Computer protection that’s correct:

Anti- Anti virus Anti- Anti spyware Firewall None of those applications may assure that the pc isn’t dangerous, but listed here are 10 computer programs you should use to assist guard your individual information from damage. (Notice furthermore that several applications are meant for individual/household use only.)

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Importance of website security!

However acquainted you’re with Internet use, you will not be unaware of the need for web site security and preserving maximum functionality of your computer network. The thing is that, as discussed in the infographic that is malware, the absolute quantity of malicious software that’s circulating now means the likelihood of your pc being undermined has raised.

As strong passwords, antivirus program, a computer user and SSL certifications all add to your risk-free browsing experience. Knowing the best way to browse together with the trust that the network will not be assaulted is critical; for example, if you are about to make an online purchase, make sure the padlock symbol and the secure connection is live (as shown by the green address bar).

The malware infographic supplied some indepth facts and figures regarding the prevalence of malware with several fascinating data that lead to general penetration for computer users around the globe, on the other side of the web.

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How to change your IP?

There aren’t many ways which may benefit you–some easy, some not, in the event you would like to alter your IP address in your house computer. /technical procedures described below, you’ll be able to attempt something which is super easy before attempting more complex.

When you go back on-line oftentimes this will alter your IP address. If this does not work, try unplugging your modem the next morning and assessing your IP address.

To inspect the IP address you are now using, just visit our homepage. Hopefully among these more straightforward measures provides you with the effect you desired.

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Two letter domains from Portugal, finally released!

Starting 3 November 2014, two-character names will be available for registration under the Portuguese domain .PT. Two types of domain names will be introduced: names consisting of letters and names consisting of numbers.

Fifty-one (51) domain names will be allocated by means of an auction, which will be held by the Portuguese domain registry in December. At the same time, some character combinations will be restricted, for example those including corresponding country codes used for others TLDs. Furthermore, the new rules concerning the .PT Domain Name System do not refer to the names consisting of one letter. The proposed rate for the registration of two-character names within the .PT domain is 100 euros plus taxes. The starting price at the domain auction is expected to be € 499 plus taxes.

In retrospect, it may seem beneficial for the registry to block two- and one-character domain names initially and introduce them at a later time. Domain values increase over time, and if the domain is valued on the market, the registry may not only get considerable proceeds from the auction of released domain names, but also ask higher prices for the renewal of new short names.

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India will be the Internet domains market leader.

In 2016 India is expected to become one of the largest domain markets in the world. This is according to the prediction of one of the world’s largest domain registrars.

Research conducted by several marketing companies on a global scale indicates that within two years India can become one of the major players in the global domain market. According to one report, the number of Internet users will be rising at a double-digit rate until 2018- faster than in any other country in South Asia. The reason for this growth is the growing number of ways people can access the Internet: via smartphones and 3G and 4G technology.

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How to create safe password?

Design the corresponding password is currently the basis for safe movement on the Internet. Unfortunately, Internet users, then choose simple passwords that exposes them to a serious attack is associated with constantly powielanych, same error.

Leakage of personal data at the present time would be a costly loss of access to Your account Facebook is the smallest problem.

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How to check IP address?

Each time you connect to the Internet you may be assigned a different IP address, or you may always have the same IP address. If your machine is connected to a web as well as the internet, then the PC will have an internal IP address which marks its location on the local network, and an external IP, which is the IP address of your internet connection. If you want to know how to check what is your IP adress read more!

Open the CMD (command prompt).

Press the Windows + R keys and enter “cmd” into the field or click start and in the search bar where it says “Search programs and files” type “cmd”.

Press enter to open the command prompt. In Windows 8, press the Windows + X keys and select the Command Prompt from the menu.

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