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Two letter domains from Portugal, finally released!

Starting 3 November 2014, two-character names will be available for registration under the Portuguese domain .PT. Two types of domain names will be introduced: names consisting of letters and names consisting of numbers.

Fifty-one (51) domain names will be allocated by means of an auction, which will be held by the Portuguese domain registry in December. At the same time, some character combinations will be restricted, for example those including corresponding country codes used for others TLDs. Furthermore, the new rules concerning the .PT Domain Name System do not refer to the names consisting of one letter. The proposed rate for the registration of two-character names within the .PT domain is 100 euros plus taxes. The starting price at the domain auction is expected to be € 499 plus taxes.

In retrospect, it may seem beneficial for the registry to block two- and one-character domain names initially and introduce them at a later time. Domain values increase over time, and if the domain is valued on the market, the registry may not only get considerable proceeds from the auction of released domain names, but also ask higher prices for the renewal of new short names.

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